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About Us

Forager Foods is a food contract manufacturing business in North West Tasmania, Australia. We specialise in food processing, freeze drying food, and contract packing of food products.  Established in 2009, Forager Foods has worked with clients to produce over 100 different products. These products are currently being sold in major retail outlets in Australia, and internationally.

Forager Fruits is a one of many products made at our production facility in Tasmania. It is our line of Freeze Dried Fruit. As brand owners ourselves, we understand the importance of product quality. We have invested heavily in our processes, and now share our capabilities with our contract manufacturing clients through our business Forager Foods Pty Ltd. 

We understand the requirement for confidentiality and consequently, put in place Non-Disclosure Agreements with our clients. Forager Foods will ensure that your intellectual property is secure and high level communication is maintained at all times. Please call to discuss.

Our Capabilities

Forager Foods contract manufacturing has many capabilities to bring your products to the market.

Contract Manufacturing Freeze Dried Food

 1. New Product Development

Forager Foods can collaborate with clients on NPD projects. We can manage complete NPD projects, or act as advisors on manufacturing or commercial feasibility to fine tune an existing idea. Some of our projects to date include:

  • Fresh peeled potatoes in long life, vacuum sealed bags
  • Freeze dried plant extracts for use in the cosmetic and nutraceutical industries
  • Unique freeze dried snack foods using a range of different cuts, infused flavours and raw ingredients
  • Pre-formed freeze dried fruit and vegetable shapes
  • Varied packaging formats and sizes

We can assist in product and packaging design, run trial batches, source your packaging and raw materials and arrange logistics to ensure the best possible price and quality.

2. Sourcing

Forager Foods already has established relationships with high quality suppliers for raw ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, packaging and logistics. Several clients prefer Forager Foods to manage the entire manufacturing process, from supply of ingredients and packaging, in and outbound logistics and delivery of the finished product.

Where possible, we source locally in Tasmania, otherwise Australian grown produce. For some items that aren’t available within Australia, we source internationally. The end price is usually closely related to the price of the raw materials as we generally see a 90% weight loss during the drying process. All suppliers have been audited by Forager Foods and a register is maintained of those Approved Suppliers.

 3. Manufacturing

Storage: Forager Foods has significant dry, chiller and freezer storage onsite for raw materials, packaging and finished product. If additional storage is required, we can source on our clients behalf.

Processing: Forager Foods has a range of processing options including slicing, dicing, mincing, and cooking. Our apple processing line is capable of coring, peeling and slicing around 500kg of apples per hour.

Freeze Drying: Forager Foods has a range of state of the art equipment capable of tackling any freeze drying quantity requirements. Our clients range from small producers manufacturing high-value spices (e.g., wasabi), to major food businesses that order by the tonne. We have 4 freeze driers with capacities ranging from 80kg to 1150kg per batch which provides us flexibility and quick turnaround. Our driers are computer controlled and allow for any number of time/temperature/pressure combinations which is the secret to ensuring the best quality freeze dried products

Powdering: Forager Foods manufacturers many powdered products. Powdered freeze-dried products have many advantages over traditional-dried products, and have a range of uses in high-quality spices, meal replacements, protein powders, smoothies, or ice cream toppings.

Forager Foods has a range of machines to manufacture powders, including hammer and pin mills and a V mixer for blending powders. This allows us to offer a range of product specifications.

 4. Contract Packing

Forager Foods can help you find the optimal packaging option for your product, and then manage the packing process. We pack into a variety of formats including bulk bags, Doy pouches, stand up pouches, retail bags or canisters.

We use a multi-head weigher for most large packing runs. This ensures your products are minimally handled resulting in a gentle packing process. The multi-head weighers are incredible accurate and will ensure that all products are packed to the desired net weight.

For small runs, we have a number of lines that cater for powders, pieces, small packs and large.

All packaging takes place is a purpose built, sealed, climate and humidity controlled room. We have an x-ray machine and check weigher to ensure every bag is correct and free of contaminants.

5. Logistics

Forager Foods can deliver to your warehouse (so client arranges logistics), but can also can manage delivery to your customers.

6. Quality Management

Forager Foods has a number of food accreditations to ensure our services are delivered at the highest quality. Forager Foods’s accreditations includes:

  • HACCP Accredited
  • Organic and USDA Certified (certain products)
  • Kosher Certified


Our Site

Forager Foods is located in picturesque Red Hills, North West Tasmania which is about half way between Launceston and Devonport (40 minutes drive either way). Our site is purpose built to be Australia’s best freeze dry manufacturing facility.


Our Team

Managing Director – John Ranicar. With over 25 years experience in food manufacturing, John has a wealth of knowledge and network of contacts to assist you in developing and manufacturing your product.

Production Manager – Joanne Groenewold. Joanne has been with the business since not long after its conception. Prior to joining Forager Foods, Joanne was involved in Quality Assurance with a major vegetable exporter.

Quality Assurance Manager – Kate Jones. Kate has over 15 years experience in Quality Assurance and Food Safety. Fully qualified and a regularly updating her qualifications, Kate wrote our HACCP, Organic and GMP programs and has never been issued with a non-conformance at any audit in her several years with Forager Foods.



For any further information, inquiries, questions or commendations, please call John Ranicar on 0418 138 539 or contact us via email:

Head Office: 95 Montana Rd, Red Hills

Tasmania 7304, Australia

​Tel: +61 (0)3 6362 3989

Mobile: +61 (0)418 138 539