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Forager Providore

Freeze Dried Blackberry Powder

Freeze Dried Blackberry Powder

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Freeze Dried Blackberry Powder if you?€?re looking for tasty, natural and healthy powder: forage no further! We?€?ve found the best blackberry to craft our delicious freeze dried fruit. Perfect for the kids?€? lunchbox or office drawer these snacks will satisfy your worst cravings!

The Freeze Drying process preserves the harvest-fresh flavour and provides a unique powder. Each bag of Freeze Dried Blackberry Powder is packed full of good stuff (like antioxidants) making them the perfect healthy addition to any smoothie. Delicious by themselves, in smoothies, with ice cream or baked in scrumptious muffins. Let your imagination run wild!

??Note: Freeze Dried in Tasmania from Imported Blackberries


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