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Forager Providore

Freeze Dried Mango Powder 100gm

Freeze Dried Mango Powder 100gm

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Forager Providore Freeze Dried Mango Powder is made from fresh mango, which ensures the full flavour, colour and nutrition found in fresh fruit - just without the moisture. Removing the moisture concentrates the powder providing a massive flavour hit - use sparingly! Unlike many inferior fruit powders, we do not add any bulking agents, preservatives or any other additives - it is simply 100% fruit.??

Forager Providore Fruit Powders can be stored in your pantry and have a 2 year shelf life but it will absorb moisture from the atmosphere so we recommend you keep the lid on tightly whenever possible, retain the moisture absorbance pad and for best practice, store the jar in the freezer or refrigerator where there is little or no moisture.

Perfect for making smoothies, topping on ice cream and additions to desert recipes.

100 grams is the equivalent of 1,200g of fresh Mango!

Surprise and delight your guests by adding that 'Heston' touch!

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